Welcome to Aroma Zapatista Coffee Collective, a self-governed cooperative in Hamburg, Germany!

You can get delicious filter coffee and espresso from us and thereby show your solidarity with the Zapatista movement from Chiapas/Mexico as well as the organised indigenous communities from Cauca/Colombia. We also offer other cooperatively produced products.

A basic attitude of solidarity and emancipation is central to our self-organised collective. In practice, this means, no hierarchies in the organising of our work, mutual consideration and joint decision-making based on consensus.

For us, solidarity-based trade with coffee cooperatives means:

  • lasting trade relations that aim to overcome existing North-South inequalities - this implies, among other things, green coffee prices far above world market levels, but also above fair trade levels,
  • mutual exchange with coffee farmers and getting to know their realities and political movements,
  • sharing risks and difficulties in the production and delivery process,
  • financially supporting the political structures of the two movements through our coffee sales.

Thus, within our cooperative as well as in the world market, our work is an attempt to live alternatives to the prevailing exploitative labour and economic structures.

By buying our coffee and other products, you are also making a contribution.

The rest of our website and our webshop are unfortunately only available in German.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to contact us by email, phone or by visiting us. We speak German and some of us also speak English, Spanish and French.

Kaffeekollektiv Aroma Zapatista eG
Am Veringhof 11
21107 Hamburg

Opening hours (normally):
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm (except every 1st + 3rd Wednesday of the month)

E-mail: kaffeekollektiv@aroma-zapatista.de
For secure e-mails here is our PGP/GPG key.

Phone: 0049 - 40 - 28 78 00 15


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Öffnungszeiten (regulär):
Mo - Fr 10 bis 16 Uhr
ausgenommen jeden
1. + 3. Mittwoch im Monat

Am Veringhof 11 (Gewerbehof)
21107 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 28 78 00 15

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